Women’s Volleyball


Arlington Baptist University

Volleyball Schedule








8-24-18 Friday 6:00 pm North Lake College Irving, TX
8-28-18 Tuesday 5:00 pm Mountain View College Arlington, TX
8-30-18 Thursday 5:00 pm Texas College Tyler, TX
9-4-18 Tuesday 5:00 pm Cisco College Arlington, TX
9-7-18 Friday 5:00 pm Southwestern College Bartlesville, OK
9-7-18 Friday 7:00 pm Oklahoma Wesleyan University Bartlesville, OK
9-8-18 Saturday 9:00 am Sterling College Bartlesville, OK
9-8-18 Saturday 11:00 am Cottey College Bartlesville, OK
9-10-18 Monday 6:00 pm Northlake College Arlington, TX
9-13-18 Thursday 5:00 pm Cedar Valley College Lancaster, TX
9-14-18 Friday 5:00 pm Mountain View College Dallas, TX
9-18-18 Tuesday 6:00 pm University of Dallas Arlington, TX
9-20-18 Thursday 6:00 pm *Southwestern Adventist University Keene, TX
9-27-18 Thursday 6:00 pm Austin College Arlington, TX
9-28-18 Friday 3:00 pm *Ozark Christian College Keene, TX
10-2-18 Tuesday 5:00 pm *Dallas Christian College Arlington, TX
10-4-18 Thursday 6:00 pm Richland College Dallas, TX
10-8-18 Monday 6:00 pm Cisco College Cisco, TX
10-12-18 Friday 7:00 pm *Barclay College Haviland, KS
10-13-18 Saturday 12:30 pm *Kansas Christian College Haviland, KS
10-16-18 Tuesday 6:00 pm University of Dallas Irving, TX
10-19-18 Friday 7:00 pm *Randall University Moore, OK
10-20-18 Saturday 12:00 pm *Manhattan Christian College Moore, OK
10-23-18 Tuesday 6:00 pm McMurry University Abilene, TX
10-25-18 Thursday 6:00 pm Austin College Sherman, TX
10-29-18 Monday 5:00 pm *Southwestern Adventist University Arlington, TX
11-1-18 Thursday 3:00 pm *NCCAA Southwest Regional Tournament

Southwestern Adventist University

Haviland, KS
11-2-18 Friday 12:00 pm *NCCAA Southwest Regional Tournament

Ozark Christian College

Haviland, KS
11-2-18 Friday 2:30 pm *NCCAA Southwest Regional Tournament Championship

Randall University

Haviland, KS
11-8-18 Thursday 1:00 pm ACCA National Tournament

Southwestern Adventist University

Joplin, MO
11-8-18 Thursday 6:15 pm ACCA National Tournament

Ozark Christian College

Joplin, MO
11-9-18 Friday 9:00 am ACCA National Tournament

Trinity Bible College

Joplin, MO
11-9-18 Friday 12:30 pm ACCA National Tournament

Southwest Adventist University


Joplin, MO
11-9-18 Friday 4:00 pm ACCA National Tournament

Trinty Bible College

Joplin, MO
11-15-18 Thursday 12:00 pm NCCAA DII National Tournament

Maranatha Baptist University

Greenville, SC
11-15-18 Thursday 4:00 pm NCCAA DII National Tournament

Geneva College

Greenville, SC
11-16-18 Friday 10:00 am NCCAA DII National Tournament

Toccoa Falls College

Greenville, SC

Home games bolded

* Indicates NCCAA Southwest Regional Game