Patriot XC Gives Back Before NCCAA Nationals

DAYTON, Ohio: the Arlington Baptist College Patriot Cross Country team had the pleasure of volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club of Dayton on Thursday, November 8.  The team is in Ohio for the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) National Cross Country Championships and was grateful for the opportunity to give back!  

The Boy’s & Girl’s Club of Dayton serves over 115 students from ages 5-18 daily, as it provides the community with an after-school program.  With a small staff of six full time and four part time employees, the club’s Volunteer and Administrative Coordinator Brittany Daniel stated, “We rely on daily volunteers to perform tasks like homework helpers during our Homework Power Hour.” The team was thrilled to donate some time as they helped students with multiplication problems, writing the letter “L,” word searches, and even a research paper!  After the Homework Power Hour, the fun began as the club opened the gym for recreation time–controlled chaos!  65 kids playing basketball on eight goals, and 50 basketballs flying all over the place! Sophomore runner Daniel Ortega (Angleton, TX) said, shaking his head in unbelief, “I haven’t seen so many young kids good at basketball.”  “That was fun” freshman Robert Cruz (Tidehaven, TX) said, after he and sophomore Zachary Thompson (Whitehouse, TX) lost in a two-on-two game.

  Coach Covarrubias reiterated the team’s theme, “To Give God The Glory is our desire and to have the opportunity to show glimpses of God’s love is an honor.” The ABXC team will compete this Saturday, Nov. 10 at 10:00 am CT and the race can be seen live streamed here.


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