Cross Country at a Glance

The Arlington Baptist College Cross Country team, NCCAA national champions a year prior, have only returned one eligible runner this season, Elijah Vargas. With a late hire of new Coach Caleb Collins, the team did not come together as hoped, however there is still much to anticipate as the team’s national race is only one month away.

Though a repeat championship is clearly out of the picture, Coach Collins’ hopes for his runner is to achieve a top ten finish in Division II. Last year Vargas, a freshman out of Mansfield High School, placed 22nd overall and is currently on pace to make a top ten appearance.

Collins had this to say about the season thus far, “The ability to train alone is not something everyone has, I am grateful for Elijah’s determination, it will pay off in the end.”

The Patriots have one more official race this Saturday at the University of Dallas, as well as a tune-up 10k in Fort Worth before they depart for nationals on November 2nd.    



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