Alumni Spotlight: Rod Reed

Rod Reed
Sport: Basketball
Position: Point Guard
Degree: Interdisciplinary Studies
Years at ABU: 2009-2014

2011-2012 NCCAA Southwest 2nd Team All-Region
2011-2012 ACCA All-American
2012-2013 NCCAA Southwest All-Region Team
2012-2013 ACCA All-American
2012-2013 NCCAA National Tournament Team
2012-2013 NCCAA Southwest Region Champion
2012-2013 NCCAA National Champion Runner-up
4 Year Team Captain

Why did you choose Arlington Baptist University?
“I chose ABU because of basketball. I saw an opportunity to play at the college level and also help build a men’s basketball program.”

What impact did ABU have on your life?
“ABU has made a huge impact on my life because that’s where I accepted Christ as my Savior. I had professors that truly and genuinely cared about my life, not just my grades. I thank Ms. Downey, Mrs. Massingill, Josh Moody and Coach McDaniel for always being there; holding me accountable, challenging me spiritually to grow and be a better young man. I have made plenty of friends but most importantly a brotherly bond with my former teammates at ABU.”

Where they are now…
“I am now a secondary teacher/coach at Wichita Christian School in Wichita Falls, Tx. I teach Government, Economics, World Geography, and U.S. History. I am a Varsity coach for football, and girls basketball, as well as head coach for junior high boys and girls basketball. I have a profound joy for teaching and coaching. I know God has called me to be a mentor and have an impact on a lot of young guys and girls, just like my teachers/coaches did for me. I enjoy serving my students/players and hopefully, I’ll get a call from them one day saying how much they appreciated me pouring into their lives. God has blessed me in so many ways, and now on His platform I get to tell others what He has done in my life.”