ABC Track Team Travels to MSU


Thursday March 20, 2014

The Arlington Baptist Patriots, having revamped their athletic program five years ago by adding basketball and following it with baseball and volleyball and then cross country, have just launched their first track season ever.

Elijah Vargas, a Sophomore from Mansfield, debuted in the first track meet ever, claiming 3rd place in the 3000k with a time of 11:30.

“It was not our best day on the track,” first year Coach Collins said, “but we have to be reminded that what we are doing is bigger than ourselves. The milestone today was not our times, but rather the beginning of something new, something with great potential.”

The Team will look to travel to Tyler on April 12 to participate in the East Texas Open. Vargas and fellow teammate Mylik Butcher will both participate in the 1500 while, Butcher will also line up in the blocks for the 400m.


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